Lose Up To 4 Kilos With This Magical Diet

I Hate diets, and I hate starving, I always follow healthy lifestyle and I lose weight but it takes long time, this is good but sometimes we prefer to see the result faster, maybe because we have a special occasion or whatever.. You just want to lose weight in few days or weeks not monthes and years.
Today I came with a G R E A T diet that will make you lose weight in a WEEK. Can you imagine? YES, you can lose from 3 to 4 kilos in a week, or maybe more (depends on your weight) with the dates and milk diet. It may be a hard diet to follow, but it's worth it TRUST ME, It's worth it.
I won't talk alot, I will just let you know, that I tried this diet, it's not just any post from the internet it's my own experience and I could let many of my friends do it and they lost weight too.
Just a small notice, the shorter period for this diet is one week (7 days) and the longer is 3 weeks (21days), you can't do it for less than 7 days or more than 21 days.

The diet's program
The diet's program is very simple, In a day: you have 21 dates and 3 milk cups, and you have 3 meals "Breakfast, Lunch and dinner"; so in each meal you take 7 dates and a cup of milk and you eat NOTHING AT ALL except these, you can drink water, teas, lemon water, coffee (no sugar ofc) when you are hungry, but DO NOT EAT ANYTHING even an apple.
Some say that in the 3rd and 6th day you can have a steack/chicken and green salad with tomatoes for lunch instead of the dates and milk but to be honest i didn't do this, all what I was eating for the 7 days is dates.

For 7 Days, The Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner => 7 dates + 1 cup of milk

Follow this for 7 days and you will lose 4 kilos and I promise you you will be happy, it's hard I know, but seriously you won't regret it

Nutritional Information: Per 100 GR of dates

10 Dates Benefits

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