Start Your Day With Lemon Warm Water

Starting your day with Lemon Warm Water, will help to detox your body and make you lose weight and also will give you good energie to start your day.
It's simple, take a cup of warm water, add 1/2 lemon juice and you can also add some ginger. Drink it the morning when you wake up, repeat it everyday, and you will see the result.

Green Tea After Every Meal

Green tea is caffeine free and very good for the body. It has many benefits such as increasing our metabolism, increases our ability to burn fat, reduces the risk of most cancers, reduces cholesterol levels, and is also known for preventing food poisoning and tooth decay. So this is a great way to hydrate your body. Help your body today!
Drink a cup of green tea 30 to 1 hour minutes after your meal, it's the best tip to lose weight and to stay fit and healthy.

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